NEETshala is always transparent with students when it comes to fee structure or features it adds. We always love to take feedback from our students and improve the app on regular basis.

After NEET 2022 exam, we wanted to know how NEETshala was helpful to the students and where we can improve better. This will help us in improving our platform for NEET 2023 studnets. We did a survey with a form to find out what our students have to say. Here are the results with screenshots.

How much NEETshala app or website was useful in your NEET exam preparation?

72% of students responded positively. 52% said NEETshala was very useful and 20% said useful. 20% of respondents have not used NEETshala. 4% said “Can’t say” while another 4% said Not useful.

How much NEETshala app useful for NEET 2022 students
How much NEETshala app useful

Have you used premium features on NEETshala? 

60% of users said they used free features only. 36% said they used both free and paid features. This clearly shows even our free students are also getting lot of value from NEETshala.

Premium features of NEETshala

Do you recommend NEETshala to your friends and juniors to prepare for NEET exam?

76% of students said YES. This response gave us a lot of confidence to build more features for the students of NEET 2023. On the negative side, only 8% of students said No. 16% of respondents said May be.

Recommend to friends to prepare for NEET exam

What feature in NEETshala helped you most in your preparation?

This is an open-ended question as we wanted to hear more from the students. Below are the features most liked based on the keywords in the answers.

Question bank with MCQs



Audio books

What helped you more to prepare for NEET exam

What feature you did not like in NEETshala?

This is very important question because we want to improve NEETshala and help our students prepare for NEET in the best way possible. Most of the students responded saying nothing. It means they dislike nothing in NEETshala. However, some pointed out issues and we are working to resolve them.

Below are the features students did not like based on the keywords in the answers.

Mentor is not available: We will work on this to add mentors soon.

Offline is not available: Sorry this is not possible as NEETshala is not a simple question bank. It analyses responses and creates actions etc. so internet connection is required.

Amount: Currently NEETshala’s 4 Step Score Booster costs very less i.e around Rs. 999 for 2023. We have to maintain servers and pay our faculty so we have to charge this much to keep ourselves floating.

App not opening: Our technical team is working continuously to make the app work in all mobile devices. For any reason, if you have any issue, please use website on your browser. You can access all the features on the website

Issues in NEETshala

Suggestions for improvement

We got some good suggestions from our students to improve our app so that students prepare better for NEET exam.

Short notes: We will work on short notes so that students can revise anytime before exam or while travelling etc.

Motivation posts: We will add more motivational blogs for our students to keep them active and energized for the preparation.

Support numbers: Currently we have support email and form to submit your queries at https://shubhascbsescolers/contact. We will soon add support number too.

Suggestions to improve for NEET exam preparation

We thank our students for taking time to give us their valuable feedback. If you still have any suggestions, please write to us at or fill the form here at

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