If you have already made to the top list of 1,50,000 students in JEE Main exam, you have won half the battle of JEE exam. Now your mission is to clear the JEE Advanced to secure your place in one of the most reputed technology institutes in India — the IITs. Clearing the JEE Main has helped you cover half the distance but wait the battle is not yet over, you will need to push further to see your dream of becoming an IITIAN true. Here are few smart tips for cracking the JEE Advanced exam: Understand the Syllabus & Pattern: Understand the JEE Advanced syllabus clearly from official source to plan your study – subject and critical topic wiseAlso have clear idea about the question patterns to know in advance what is in store for you in the exam.

There are two papers consisting of MCQs from Physics, Chemistry and Math aimed to test your problems solving and reasoning skills. Schedule Study Time: It s always better to create and follow a study timetable allotting necessary time on all the three subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses. Scheduling your study helps you cover maximum topics and prepare consistently. Critical Topics in PCM: Every topic in every subject is important. However, few topics are more important than others from exam s point of view. And when you are competing for the top engineering institutes in India, it s better to identify those critical topics and study in detail.

  • JEE Physics: Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Measurements & Errors, Optics, Modern Physics, Heat and Thermodynamics.
  • JEE ChemistryOrganic – Stereochemistry, General Organic Chemistry & Functional Group Analysis; Inorganic and Physical.
  • JEE MathAlgebra, Differential Calculus, Inferential Calculus, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Matrices, Complex Numbers.

Refer Previous Question Papers: Looking into previous question papers will give you an idea about which topics are frequently asked and question patterns. And if you happen to be weak in any critical topics, you can prepare in advance. Accuracy & Speed: Practice at least 3-5 mock test papers in each Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics on a regular basis to develop speed. While speed is essential to cover maximum number of questions and accuracy to avoid negative marking. Relax Don t Over Stress Yourself: Continuous preparing for the JEE Advanced can make you feel over stress. Getting a proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours every day is a must, to stay focus and continue your hard work. Taking short breaks and short naps also helps you to stay relaxed, and physically & mentally fit. For IIT JEE Coaching Classes, post your learning requirement here on UrbanPro.  

Prepare A Plan

One of the most effective and basic IIT JEE Advanced preparation tips is to prepare a plan, a well laid one. You must form a daily schedule, follow it thoroughly. Make sure to assign more time to tough and complicated subjects/topics. There might be distraction, but don’t forget to follow your plan. 

Understand The Syllabus

Download the IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus and read it properly. You will get to know the important topics, course objectives, exam pattern, marking schemes and other details which could help you boost your preparation.

Manage Your Time

Another one of the IIT JEE Advanced preparation tips is time management. Time management is the key to a good preparation. You should se if you are wasting time somewhere, divide that time for something useful, and make sure to give proper time to each subject.

Understand The Basic Concepts

Once you have understood the syllabus, you will get to know which topics are there. Then all you have to do is understand the basic concepts of the topics. Evaluate your knowledge on the basic concepts and then make notes. 

Pick The Right Study Material

A good plan is incomplete without a good study material. Books, mock tests, previous year papers, all of this is important to prepare for your IIT JEE Advance 2022 Exam. Start with the NCERTs, then go for more complex help books and question papers. 

Attempt IIT JEE Advances Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers can help you a lot while preparing for the IIT JEE Advanced Exam 2022. It is one of the most important IIT JEE Advanced preparation tips. You will get to know the exam pattern, difficulty level of the question paper, increase your speed and accuracy, let you know your weak topics, and even help you in time management.

Design Your Own Learning Methods

You don’t have to rely on anyone’s else’s methods to prepare for the IIT JEE Advanced Exam. Design your own methods and work on it. You can try multiple methods to solve a question and see which one works out for you the most.

Focus On The FAQs Of JEE Advanced

Look at the frequently aksed questions in the JEE Advanced question paper, and practice them. The questions will be from various topics and it is beneficial to cover them during the preparation. 

Have A Healthy Lifestyle

It is one of the most important IIT JEE Advanced preparation tips that you are healthy, both physically and mentally. You can do a lot of things to keep yourself healthy like eating good, staying hydrated, working out a bit, doing yoga and meditation. This will make you healthier and calmer. 

Don’t Start Studying Anything New Before The Exam

It is quite common that JEE aspirants get nervous and start learning new things or topics right before the exam date. Do not do that. It is not a good option to learn something new. It will just confuse you and lead to unnecessary stress. Utilize all the time you have left for revision and attempting mock tests and previous year papers. 

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