With the passion to pursue engineering from a premier institute like IIT, a lot of students aim at cracking the IIT JEE to live this dream right from their 11th standard. Considered as one of the most difficult entrance exams across the globe, not many know how to prepare for JEE and lack correct guidance. Here we will discuss, how one needs to divide and dedicate time for important topics in 11th standard to score maximum marks in IIT JEE.

IIT JEE consists of thirty multiple choice questions from Maths, Physics and Chemistry. With equal weightage given to all three subjects, one should know how to prepare for IIT and what topics to emphasize on to be able to answer most questions correctly in the assigned time.

To help students understand and prepare better, we have curated a list of important topics for JEE Mains from each subject for them to prioritize topics based on it.. Have a look.


Probability: Being one of the most important topics, one needs to cover Conditional Probability, Law of Total Probability and Bayes theorem in detail to score maximum marks in this subject.

Coordinate Geometry: One needs to be thorough with Circle

Logarithm: Basic Logarithm questions are only asked

Permutation and Combination: Important topics to cover here are circular permutation, Integral solution of linear equation and Division/ Arrangement of Groups

Quadratic Equation: One needs to focus on roots of an equations coefficients and most importantly on roots of an equation.


Units & Dimension: All concepts under this topic needs to be covered.

Rotational Motion: One should draw their focus on the concept of rigid body dynamics.

Kinematics of SHM: Questions asked on this are to test the understanding of Simple Harmonic Motion and one can expect around 3 questions from this concept.

Newton s Law of Motion: Application of the three laws of motion needs to be understood and effectively used in solving the questions.


Chemical Equilibrium: One needs to focus on concepts like Law of Mass Action, Acids and Bases and Solubility product.

Atomic Structure: Atomic structure preparation and atomic mass concepts are important . Theories like the Thomson, Bohr and Rutherford should be concentrated on.

Stoichiometry: Focusing on topic like the Mole and equivalent concept is very important in class 11th.

Gaseous State: States of matter, compressibilty factor and van der Waals equation are concepts to be focused on.

Chemical Bonding: One should focus on periodicity concept.

Organic Chemistry: Basic concepts of Organic Chemistry from 11th standard is usually asked. Hence one shouldn t ignore it and emphasize on the basics.

We advice students to be through with all three subjects mentioned above and give additional attention to these important topics of class 11 for IIT JEE mains to score maximum marks. Good Luck!

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