NEET and JEE are considered the toughest exam in India. To crack these, one should do a lot of hard work and should study with full consistency. In this long journey, you’ll face some situations wherein you will feel demotivated and there can be multiple reasons for this demotivation. One of the reasons for this demotivation is the “non-completion of the syllabus” within time. When a candidate is not able to complete his daily work on time then it makes the candidate more demotivated and sad. 

When work is not completed on time then it leads to piling up of chapters. To prevent this type of demotivation, make a proper timetable according to your comfort. Time table should be in such a way so that you can complete your daily work on time.

You should also involve yourself in exercises like yoga, sports activities, etc. It will keep you fit and stress-free. Most students during their preparation focus too much on studying only. The absence of physical activities leaves a bad impact on your health. Bad health is also one of the reasons for demotivation. The candidate should give at least 30-45 minutes to physical activities.

Nowadays one of the main reasons that make feel candidates demotivated is the excess use of cell phones. Yes, you read it right, “cellphone”. Most of the candidates spend lot of time on Mobile phones. On Mobile phones, aspirants waste their time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. They use it to such an extent that they spend hours on it. 

To prevent this type of demotivation, one should stop using mobile phones for social media sites FB, Instagram, etc least for 1 year of preparation. One should have great control over themselves and should devote their maximum time to studies only. One more thing is that aspirants can use their phones for study purposes but not for long hours. 

Always be in touch with good close friends and discuss the things related to your studies with your parents. They can boost your morale on days when you feel low. Sometimes candidates bother a lot about their low marks and think more about their friend’s high scores. In this condition, the candidate feels starts to feel inferior. To come out of this type of situation, candidates should always analyze their mistakes and work on them. One more thing, never compare your performance with your colleagues.

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